Mainland Business Setup in Oman

It’s highly recommended that you launch your own firm in the mainland. It is the perfect place to start a business because of the facilities and commercial chances. The intriguing aspect of this method is that no personal or business taxes are required to be paid. These unique characteristics make Mainland a viable location for anyone looking to establish or build a branch office. It might be challenging to start a business in a new location. It is because starting a new business is a task that needs in-depth knowledge and careful consideration of the processes and market involved.

Mainland Company Formation in Oman

Oman Business Setup is a well-known consultancy firm that assists businesses with starting their operations in Mainland. Our team of knowledgeable and friendly consultants will guide you through every step of the process, including choosing the right license for your industry and resolving any questions you may have about registration, setup, finances, and more. We aim to make the process of setting up a new company as easy and smooth as possible for entrepreneurs. Our professional advice also helps clients determine the best location to establish their offices in Oman.

Establish a Business and Enjoy Unique Benefits

  • When it comes to Mainland company formation, it requires the reliable assistance of any local service agency or sponsor of the Oman nationality. Along with this, the new business also needs a trading license.
  • You can ensure that the sponsorship of a corporation never interferes with the style of doing your business. Instead, it needs to be involved in profit sharing or concern operations.
  • You can get the approved office address from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Investment Promotion. After that, you require ensuring the approved tenancy contract for the company which is for making the contract available at the instant of requesting a license.
  • It is helpful to know that the requirement of your office space depends on the license type you are actually authorized for. Our Mainland company setup consultants aid you in the business setup.

Trusted By Over 1,000 Startup Businesses

Forming a new business in Oman is a daunting task. Simply knowing the fundamental trade procedures as well as acquiring the licenses is not sufficient. If you want to become a winning agency formation, you must create a precise picture of both cost estimates and details regarding the registration. If you are following the steps procedure, you will get numerous benefits. The reasons for choosing this kind of mainland company setup in are that it brings you the freedom to perform trade business even in local Oman markets.

Mainland Business setup in Oman

There is nothing like Mainland Company setup and we are your best partner. This location has heaps of facilities as well as opportunities for the businessmen. Our experienced agents help entrepreneurs in getting trade licenses and residency visas in no time. We aim at offering total management assistance to our clients so that they can successfully start their ventures. Start business in Oman is getting simple day by day with the assistance of the professionals at, We ensure that every single norm for company formation gets met in the correct manner so that our clients can continue business without any hassles.

Why opt for Mainland company formation?

Here are the major procedures as follow:

  • Approval of trade activity and name selection: The company name and trade activity must be approved by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

  • Find a trusted service agent or local partner: It is advisable to work with a trusted service agent or local partner to ensure a smooth and efficient process.
  • Apply for initial approval: The company must apply for initial approval from the relevant government agencies, such as the Ministry of Manpower and the Central Bank of Oman.
  • Submit required documents to receive the license: The company must submit all necessary documents to receive the commercial registration certificate from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Determine the exact cost: The cost of mainland company formation in Oman will depend on various factors, including the type of business, the number of employees, and the office location.
  • Obtain a reliable sponsor: A reliable sponsor may be required for mainland company formation in Oman, and a trusted service agent can assist with this.
  • Obtain approval for the office address: The office address must be approved by the municipality.
  • Ensure timely completion of documentation: All necessary documentation must be completed and submitted on time to avoid delays in the company formation process.

Benefits of Oman Mainland Business setup:

  • Rent an office anywhere: Mainland companies in Oman have the opportunity to rent an office in any location.
  • Operate from different places in Oman: Mainland companies have the freedom to drive business from different parts of Oman.
  • Hassle-free registration and licensing: The process of obtaining a commercial registration certificate and necessary licenses is straightforward and efficient.
  • Large market to explore: Mainland companies in Oman have access to a large market, including the entire GCC region and the wider Middle Eastern market.
  • Attractive office options: There are several lucrative office options available for mainland companies in Oman.
  • Scope for various types of businesses: Mainland companies in Oman can engage in a wide range of businesses, including import and export, trading, manufacturing, and more.
  • Tax benefits: Mainland companies in Oman are subject to lower taxes compared to companies in other countries in the region, providing a significant advantage.
  • No limitation on employment visas: Mainland companies in Oman have no restrictions on the number of employment visas they can obtain.
  • Increased freedom: Mainland companies in Oman have greater freedom to operate and expand their business.
  • Get your business going: Mainland company formation in Oman provides a solid foundation for starting and growing a successful business.

We serve all around Europe and America to set up a company in Oman from London, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, USA, Canada, Mexico, New York etc. Our business consultants assist you in getting all the important licenses, VISA & bank accounts for your business from the government. We have expert team to get Golden Visa in Oman for professionals and investment basis. Being the leading expert in company establishments, we have been offering various services for professionals and entrepreneurs like non-resident bank account, corporate account opening to help them start their businesses a fresh.

You can consult us for your mainland business setup queries. We assure you of assistance in terms of advice and support for a successful mainland company formation in Oman.

Perfectly take care all for a successful Mainland Company Formation

All businessmen look for a location for their business that brings them more customers. Finding a perfect location is crucial for any business if they want to really move the needle! If you are establishing a company, then the Mainland is the best area to choose from. The mainland is the destination for all businessmen in the world. It has everything that a business needs – convenience, transportation, and every other political, social and economic freedom that it could offer.

Setup Your Mainland Company with Ease

Any business must have the freedom to regulate it from anywhere. Mainland offers you that. In addition, you will have the permit to do dealings with any other companies that you think will bring profit to you. More than anything else, you can rent office space here as well as anywhere else! For company formation, you need to understand what kind of licenses you need, what forms have to be filled, and how the company registration has to be done. When you feel like you are lost, turn to the top business consultants –! We can make any daunting task that comes along while establishing your company, easier for you.

Start your Mainland Company Today

We have years of experience in establishing businesses all across the city. With our level of knowledge and expertise, you are sure to get some of the best advice in Oman! With the help of our agents, you can get your trade, business, or industry licenses with no hassle! If you want to stay here for long years, a residency visa is a must! Our agents can get it for you in no time! From company formation, and trademark registration, to establishment, we will stand by your side through it all! If you have more questions about our service, you can get in touch with our office. Our knowledgeable consultants will answer all your burning questions.


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