How to start an LLC company in Oman

What is a Limited Liability Company in Oman?

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a legal business entity in Oman that provides limited liability protection to its owners while allowing them to participate in the management of the company. An LLC in Oman is a popular choice for entrepreneurs and investors who want to start a business in the country, as it offers flexibility in terms of ownership, management, and taxation.

In an LLC in Oman, the liability of the owners (known as “members”) is limited to the amount of capital they have invested in the company. This means that their personal assets are protected in the event of business debts or legal disputes.

LLCs in Oman are regulated by the Commercial Companies Law, which requires a minimum of two and a maximum of 40 members. The members can be individuals or legal entities, and they can be of any nationality. The company is managed by one or more managers, who can be either members or non-members.

LLCs in Oman can engage in a wide range of business activities, subject to the regulations and licensing requirements of the relevant authorities. They can also have foreign ownership, provided that at least 30% of the company’s share capital is held by Omani nationals or Omani companies.

How to Open an LLC Company in Oman

Starting a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Oman is a relatively straightforward process, and it can be a great way to establish a business presence in the country. In this article, we’ll outline the steps you need to take to start an LLC company in Oman.

Step 1: Choose a Business Name

The first step in starting an LLC in Oman is to choose a name for your company. The name should not be already registered by another company in Oman, and it should not be similar to any other registered name.

Step 2: Choose Your Business Activity

Next, you’ll need to choose the activities that your LLC will undertake. This is an important step because the activities you choose will determine the licenses and permits you’ll need to obtain.

Step 3: Determine Your Share Capital

To register an LLC in Oman, you’ll need to have a minimum share capital of OMR 20,000 (approximately USD 52,000). However, it’s important to note that this is just the minimum requirement, and you may need more capital depending on the nature and size of your business.

Step 4: Obtain a Commercial Registration Certificate

Once you’ve chosen your business name, activities, and share capital, you’ll need to obtain a Commercial Registration Certificate from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. You’ll need to provide a copy of your passport, a copy of your proposed company name, and a copy of your proposed business activities.

Step 5: Obtain a Memorandum of Association

The Memorandum of Association is a legal document that outlines the details of your LLC, including its purpose, share capital, management structure, and more. You’ll need to draft and notarize this document and submit it to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry along with your other documents.

Step 6: Obtain Necessary Permits and Licenses

Depending on the activities your LLC will undertake, you may need to obtain additional permits and licenses from various government agencies in Oman.

Step 7: Register for Taxes

Finally, you’ll need to register for taxes with the Tax Authority of Oman. You’ll need to obtain a tax number and register for VAT if your LLC’s annual turnover exceeds OMR 38,500 (approximately USD 100,000).

In conclusion, starting an LLC in Oman involves several steps, but the process is relatively straightforward. With the right guidance and support, you can establish a successful business presence in this growing and dynamic country.

Benefits of LLC company registration in Oman

There are several benefits to LLC company registration in Oman, including:

  1. Limited liability protection: As the name suggests, LLCs offer limited liability protection to their shareholders, meaning that the personal assets of shareholders are protected from business liabilities and debts.

  2. Tax benefits: LLCs in Oman are subject to a flat corporate tax rate of 3% and 15%, which is lower than the tax rates in many other countries.  Learn More about Oman Corporate TAX

  3. Ease of setup: LLCs are relatively easy to set up in Oman, with a streamlined registration process and minimal requirements.

  4. Flexibility: LLCs offer flexibility in terms of ownership and management, with shareholders having the ability to manage the company themselves or appoint a manager to run the day-to-day operations.

  5. Business-friendly environment: Oman is known for its business-friendly environment, with supportive government policies, a stable economy, and a strategic location between Asia, Europe, and Africa.

  6. Access to local and regional markets: By setting up an LLC in Oman, businesses can access local and regional markets and benefit from Oman’s strategic location and extensive transportation and logistics infrastructure.

  7. 100% foreign investor’s Ownership: One additional benefit of LLC company registration in Oman is that foreign investors can enjoy 100% foreign ownership of their company. This means that there is no requirement for a local partner or sponsor to hold a share of the business, giving investors full control over their operations and decision-making. This is a significant advantage over many other countries in the region, where foreign ownership may be restricted or require a local partner. Oman’s open and flexible approach to foreign investment is a key factor in attracting businesses and investors from around the world.

Required documents for LLC company formation in Oman

To register an LLC company in Oman, as a client, you will need to provide the following documents:

Copy of your passport or ID: This is required for all shareholders, including Omani nationals and foreign investors.

Proposed company name: You will need to provide a proposed name for your LLC company in Oman, which must be unique and not already registered.

Shareholding structure: You will need to provide details of the shareholding structure, including the names and percentage ownership of all shareholders.

Proposed activities: You will need to provide a detailed description of the activities your company intends to undertake in Oman.

Duration of the LLC company registration process in Oman

The registration process for an LLC company in Oman typically takes approximately 10-14 working days, assuming that all the necessary documents are in order and there are no issues or delays during the approval process.

The registration process involves several steps, including the preparation of the necessary documents, submission of the application to the relevant authorities, review and approval of the application, and issuance of the necessary licenses and permits.

During the registration process, you may be required to provide additional information or documents, which can cause delays. It is therefore important to ensure that all the required documentation is complete and accurate before submitting the application to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Once the registration process is complete, you will receive the necessary licenses and permits, including a Commercial Registration Certificate and a Chamber of Commerce Membership Certificate, which will enable you to conduct business in Oman legally.

Cost of LLC company formation in Oman

Certainly! The cost of forming an LLC company in Oman can vary depending on several factors, such as the size and nature of the business, the type of activities it will undertake, and the assistance of a legal or business advisor.

If you’re interested in starting an LLC company in Oman and would like to receive a detailed quotation for the costs involved, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experienced business advisors can provide you with tailored guidance and support to help you establish a successful business presence in Oman.

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